Craigslist Posting

Good afternoon,

I'd like to inquire about the posting for the two 1 bedroom rental posted. I've found myself looking for a new place and this is right in my range and space.

My name is Connor Hwang and I'm an archery instructor over at Wildecat MMA Gym. Daily routine is pretty simple: Early riser for breakfast, then off to work where I usually am for most of the day before coming back in the evening, usually by dinner time. I'm fairly quiet pretty much all days out of the week. Really nothing wild going on here, and animal friendly in the event anyone does have any pets (I don't have any myself). Capable around a kitchen and more than willing to help out with whatever may need to be done around the house.

I'm more than okay with a face-to-face meeting prior to anything being discussed, but if a room is still available, I'd be happy to get whatever needed in motion. Most weekdays, I am at Wildecat, but I'm sure I can make space in the schedule depending on what is the most convenient.

Thank you.

Connor Hwang
(617) 555-3727